DON’T BE FOOLED! Storm shelters are designed and tested to give near absolute protection to its occupants. Most storm shelters do not meet the national performance criteria set by fema, most are not designed or proven to take a direct hit, you can be trapped in a cellar, metal structures can conduct electricity from lightening, home electrical, and powerlines, the Oz Saferoom™ is engineered tested, and proven to take a direct hit, saving lives, and sustain no damage!
“All safe room criteria in the FEMA publications meet or exceed the shelter requirements of the ICC-500” – FEMA

The OZ™ is the only saferoom on the market today that conforms to the strict guidelines set out by FEMA in the “National Performance Criteria for Saferooms” in addition, exceeding the requirements of the FEMA 320 publication and the ICC 500.

Here are just some of the points from our articles on the dangers of underground and steel structures:

A recent record torrential downpour, causing flooding in Oklahoma, made many underground shelters impossible to use. Shortly after, the people were put on alert for possible tornadoes. These people had nowhere to go for safety. The owners of an Oz Saferoom didn’t have this worry. When the water was tested in the cellars, it contained sewage!

Underground Structures

  • Gas Asphyxiation (Gas looks for the lowest point)
  • Entrapment
  • Suffocation
  • Drowning
  • Mold (Thrives in cellars. Some molds are deadly!)

When the OZ Saferoom® was first introduced to homeowners through the Project Impact program, Yes, the OZ was Approved. It was the only way FEMA would provide Rebates for saferooms. Once every septic and backhoe company jumped on the program, FEMA no longer “Approved” any structure, the rebate money was given to the state through Block Grants and distributed through the city Emergency Management Departments. The OZ Saferoom® door was tested, and was the only door of its kind to pass before the current impact test became a standard. After 2008 the 2×4 impact test became the industry standard. The OZ Door currently holds an impact test report stating it conforms to the requirements in the FEMA 320, FEMA 361 and the ICC 500 guidelines. The OZ Saferoom® is the only saferoom available that meets the strict requirements set by FEMA in the National Performance Criteria. Above and beyond the standard test, Zagorski had the saferoom put through the test by having a car dropped on it while he stood inside. He said, “If I’m going to provide anything to save lives, I will personally test it!” The OZ Saferoom® was also put through extreme test by the Rochester Institute of Technology, A top Engineering College in the Country. They performed a finite analysis on the concrete structure, the results show that the structure is impenetrable during a tornado.

TTUThe Oz Saferooms extreme testing, taking a direct hit from a supertwister, sustaining no damage and saving lives (A FEMA Mitigation Success Story) makes it a true Tornado Shelter, no other above ground Storm Shelter can claim they have taken a direct hit, with no damage, and save lives. The National Storm Shelter Association certifies “Storm Shelters” These structures are guaranteed to give the occupants “Near absolute protection during wind events” The Oz Saferoom® has been provided to homeowners since 1999 before the creation of the NSSA.

The Oz Saferoom® was Developed by the request of FEMA in upstate NY, tested in NY and Florida, studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and Proven in Oklahoma! Its success is even shown on the Texas Tech storm shelter research website with Dr. Keisling standing in one, the day after two OZ Saferooms that took the direct hit with a supertwister in Moore Oklahoma (wind speeds measured over 265 mph!)