PDF - Slope Face Finite Analysis

RIT Finite Analysis 2017

ICC 500/FEMA 320 Testing

HETI is a modern, and independent testing facility for forensic analysis, product approval and product development for building products, mechanical systems, and materials. Since its inception HETI has performed several thousand material, structural, impact, and cyclic wind load tests on wide variety of products with pressures up to 560 psf (26768 N/m2). Our patented Testing Apparatus can accommodate units up to 30 ft wide and 16 ft high. A wide variety of metallurgical Destructive, and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipments provide material analysis before, during, and after a test. An array of sophisticated computer-controlled systems provide cost effective, expeditious, and comprehensive test results such as multi-point load deflection curves, allowing an astute understanding of a product’s performance profile. Our customers include a large number of Fortune 500 companies, and multinational corporations around the world.

R.I.T. Finite Element Analysis

3,675 Lb. car dropped on OZ Saferoom®